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Saturday, Apr 18
01:15 PM Cinderella
03:30 PM Insurgent 2D Matinee
06:00 PM Cinderella
08:15 PM Insurgent 3D
Sunday, Apr 19
01:00 PM NTL: Behind the Beautiful Forevers
04:00 PM Insurgent 3D
06:30 PM Cinderella: our final show!
08:30 PM Insurgent 2D
Monday, Apr 20
07:00 PM Insurgent
Tuesday, Apr 21
06:00 PM Forbidden Kingdom: GreenTech Night- RJ's Kids
08:15 PM Insurgent
Wednesday, Apr 22
All Day Earth Day
07:00 PM Insurgent
Thursday, Apr 23
07:00 PM Insurgent
Friday, Apr 24
05:00 PM Merchants of Doubt
07:30 PM Kumiko: Treasure Hunter
09:30 PM McM NIght
Happy birthday

Have your Birthday Here

Have the ultimate private party! Invite friends to watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite songs, watch a slide show, or play video games. Enjoy having the theatre all to yourself, meaning no shushing necessary. See your name on the marquee, for a once in a life time photo opportunity (until you make it big that is). Parties include snacks, from our fabulous concession stand. Listen to how it sounds to sing “happy birthday” in our massive auditorium. Best of all you don’t have to clean your house; we sweep popcorn for a living. Send us an email or give us a call to set up for magnificent party that will leave your friends talking.

Call us to set up your good time!
Please call our business Line at (206) 463-6845 and ask for Raechel. or email us at Raechel@theVashonTheatre.com
Let your birthday be the main attraction at the Vashon Theatre. We now offer several different options for your private get together in our vintage 1947 Theatre. We offer a great party venue for people of all ages, birthdays to anniversaries; we are here to meet your unique party needs. Our new digital projection equipment and 5.1 Dolby surround sound are sure to offer you a stunning experience.
Kids Parties
Available Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 4, Saturday & Sunday Starting at 1:00
- Group parties at our regular showing of films. Not valid on Premiere weekends. Early admission for the group, $12 per kid up to 10 kids, includes mighty mouse combo. Name on the marquee for additional $25.
-Our smallest guests, Ages 6 and under, 10 kids or less each receive a Mighty Mouse combo; small drink, small popcorn, small candy. One hour in the Theatre. Name on Marquee. This party for our smallest movie goers is designed to let you have a small party that works with their small attention spans $105.00

-15 kids or less each receive a Mighty Mouse combo; small soft drink, small popcorn, small candy. Two hours in the theatre. Name on the marquee. $175.00

-30 kids or less each receive a Mighty Mouse combo; small soft drink, small popcorn, small candy . Two hours in the theatre. Name on the marquee. $225.00

We know that you may have special dietary needs, we are happy to try and accommodate you and your guests. Please let us know at the time you are booking your party if we need to make changes to what we will be offering your guests, some fees may apply.

ALL Parties Require a $75 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to hold the space. This can be done over the phone or in person with Cash or Credit Cards. Thanks
Adult Parties
- Just the space – No food included, Our concession stand will be open for sales. Time Starts when you walk in the door.
• $75 an hour, 15 people or less
• $85 an hour 30 people or less
• $95 an hour 60 people or less
• BYOB- With a banquet license, you bring your own alcohol, we serve, you haul it away adds $30 per hour to party cost
- Food options
o Folks can buy their own treats
o Run a tab, total goes on one persons Credit card
o Medium Drink & Medium Popcorn $60 per 15 people
o Medium Drink, Small Popcorn & Small Candy $65 per 15 people