Summer of Soul! The Revolution was NOT Televised

You are now free to move about the building!  We are vaccinated and wearing masks.  If you have not been vaccinated, you must wear a face mask.  Everyone else: we are recommending a face mask when you enter or move from your seat and are not having food or beverage. We are not out of the financial woods at all-yet.  Because of that, we need you to please continue buy your tickets on line.  Space out, six feet from others is easily achieved in the auditorium.  We are also pushing the air out of the top of the building.

Concessions inside the Vashon theatre... You will be helping us and moving yourself to the front of the line if you pre-purchase your concession order for Dine-in.  If not, ask for a pager when you enter and that will put you in line to buy concessions.  Now sit down and relax until its your turn and the pager goes off!   Our priority will be to work on your order as soon as possible.

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All tickets and concessions for the Night Light Drive-In need to be purchased online.  go to “Tickets” to buy your car load for $20.  Then go to “Concessions” to purchase your treats.  make sure you select “pick up at the Field” so we can create your bag and deliver it to you as you enter the field.  The field is a beautiful location for a Summer movie and the equipment is top notch.  It’s just fun!  There is no concession stand on site.



Vashon Theatre is now booking private parties!! 

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