Private Parties

Children’s Birthday Party Details

To book: please fill out our inquiry form here and we will get back to you

WHEN: Parties are booked on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-3PM. We can do select weekdays from 4-6PM if it aligns with our regular movie schedule.

COST: $250 for 2 hours and 15 or less children, including a Mighty Mouse for each. A $75 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve your spot, with the balance due on the day of the party.

ADDITIONAL GUESTS: You are welcome to invite more kids and we will charge you an additional $6.00 per extra kid, the day of.  We will keep count for you.

Parents of attendee’s and relatives are welcome to purchase their own treats or a beer, etc. at the party.  Sometimes hosts like to pick up that tab as well.  We just need to know before guests arrive.

MARQUEE: The Birthday includes a Happy Birthday message on the Marquee.  We will need the name at time of booking.

MOVIE: You are in charge of bringing a DVD/Blu-ray of the movie you want to show.  The runtime needs to be less than the 2 hours.  The ideal running time falls in the 90-100 min length.  This is the only format available for parties.  A longer movie can be accommodated with an additional $50 for another 30 min, but please know your audience.  Often longer movies are too long for restless kids.

TIMING: You are welcome to come in 15 minutes before the start of the party.  Once most of the kids are there, we call everyone up to get their Mighty Mouses.  Once kids are set, we start the movie.  After the movie, we bring up the lights so you can do, cake, presents, etc.  There will be a table provided down near the front.

OUTSIDE FOOD:  Sometimes parents pick up pizza, etc.  It’s your prerogative.  If you let us know ahead of time we can put an extra table in the lobby. Cupcakes are generally easier to serve than cake, but it is up to you!

DECORATIONS:  They are not necessary and balloons are only allowed in the lobby area, but it’s your choice.

RULES: Children need to stay off the stage and inside the public areas of the theatre.

ADULT Parties: Basically, the same details.  We can serve each guest a medium popcorn, medium drink/ coffee/ tea, and regular size candy.  Beer and Wine are extra.  Many adult parties, the guests buy their own treats above the provided items.