Raven People Rising

Tuesday, March 26th at 6 pm, join Backbone Campaign and friends as we welcome representatives of the Heiltsuk nation for a documentary film screening, “Raven People Rising.”

Afterward Ana Simeon of RAVEN – Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs – will speak about the Heiltsuk’s ground-breaking legal case to enshrine Indigenous governance of their territory and homeland into law. They are raising money for their legal challenge to strengthen marine shipping restrictions in the Great Bear Sea and to challenge Canada’s dysfunctional oil spill response regime.

Islander and Exxon Valdez survivor Dr. Riki Ott will join Ana to support the Heiltsuk cause with updates on the long-term harm from oil spill exposure to human health and marine ecosystems.

In 2016 a pilotless tug ran aground and spilled over 110,000 liters of oil in Heiltsuk waters on the central coast of British Columbia. The tug and attached barge were carrying oil through Heiltsuk waters despite Heiltsuk prohibition of oil transport through their marine harvesting areas.

The Heiltsuk suffered a violent disruption to their way of life, their economy, their history and identity, and their spiritual connection to the land. The Heiltsuk had warned the federal government about the risk of oil transport through the stormy passages of the Central Coast.

Will you stand with the Heiltsuk?