Vashon Then & Now: The Japanese American Presence on Vashon Pt 1

Tuesday, November 20th at 6:00PM
Vashon: Then & Now, the documentary series produced by Voice of Vashon, is
pleased to announce the first episode of its second season. The show traces the
evolution of Japanese Americans on the island from early farm laborers in 1900,
through their integration into the larger Vashon society, and concludes with the
shameful 1942 exclusion, known euphemistically as “The Evacuation”, when 115
Japanese Americans (two-thirds of them American citizens) living on Vashon were
forced off the island by gun toting Army troops. The show utilizes historical footage and
records, video interviews, audio recordings, and touching essays on what it was like to
be a Japanese American on Vashon Island from 1900 to 1942. The show runs
approximately 40 minutes and will have it’s world premiere at the Vashon Theatre.

Co-Hosts: Bruce Haulman and Meredith Yasui
Director: Michael Monteleone
Producer: Susan McCabe for Voice of Vashon
Writers: Michael Monteleone and Bruce Haulman
Special Guests: Joe Okimoto, Sam Sakamoto, Mary Matsuda-Gruenwald, Barbara
Newsreader: Jeff Hoyt
Mostly True Historian: Chris Austin
Thanks to: Densho, Otsuka Family, Milton Mukai, Chris Hedgepath, Lisa Hasselman
Funding: King County 4 Culture